🔶TeleportDAO Bitcoin bridge

The TeleportDAO bridge is utilized to verify the inclusion of Bitcoin transactions, ensuring that no fake or manipulated transactions will be processed by TeleOrdinal. This bridge is a light-client bridge, providing the highest security and decentralization. The TeleOrdinal contract sends transactions with their inclusion proof to the bridge to verify if they have been included in Bitcoin or not. There are two main cases where TeleOrdinal leverages the bridge:

  1. Checking Ordinal existence: When a seller lists an Ordinal on TeleOrdinal, they submit the transaction that includes the Ordinal to the contract. This transaction is then checked using the bridge to ensure its validity, preventing users from listing fake transactions as Ordinals.

  2. Checking transfer proof: After the Ordinal is sent from the seller to the buyer, the proof of inclusion of the transfer transaction is submitted to the TeleOrdinal contract. The contract leverages the bridge to ensure the validity of this transaction, thereby confirming that the Ordinal is transferred on Bitcoin from the seller to the buyer.

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