๐Ÿ”ถHow to buy Ordinals on TeleOrdinal?

You can buy Ordinals and BRC-20s from TeleOrdinal with your desired ERC-20 tokens, including stablecoins (USDT, USDC) from Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. You only need to connect your EVM wallet and enter your Ordinal recipient address. Some Ordinals are listed for auction, and some are listed for buy-now. Letโ€™s see how you can buy each:

  1. Buy auction-listed Ordinals: Here, you need to make an offer for the Ordinal using your desired asset. Then, the seller may accept your offer and send the Ordinal to your Ordinal address. We recommend you put an offer above the floor price determined by the seller to increase your chance of getting the Ordinal. If the seller doesnโ€™t accept your offer, you can easily increase your offer. If you decide not to proceed with the purchase, you can cancel your offer with one click. The offer you make goes to the smart contract, meaning itโ€™s fully secure. The seller can access your funds only if she sends the Ordinal to your Ordinal address and proves it to the contract.

  2. Buy buy-now listed Ordinals: Here, you can buy such Ordinals by paying their price immediately. Unlike auction-listed Ordinals where you must wait for the seller to accept your offer, you will get the Ordinal in less than a minute after paying the requested price. You can choose to pay the requested amount with your desired ERC-20 token from the desired EVM network!

So, you can make offers for auction-listed Ordinals, or you can buy buy-now listed Ordinals immediately. Buy-now listed Ordinals are very liquid and are the best option if you want to acquire something very fast. Auction-listed Ordinals are usually more valuable Ordinals where you need to make an offer to convince the seller to sell it to you.

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